4 Ways to Cure A Hangover As Soon As Possible

You wake up and ahhh yes, your head hurts. Your heart’s beating fast, blood pressure’s going up, and the world’s spinning – admit it, you’re hungover. 

And you might probably think, hmm.. pizza, Tsui Wah and ramen will make me feel better. 

YUM. Exactly what my body needs. 

Well, you’re absolutely wrong. Those are the last things your body needs. 

Here’s our secret hangover cure passed down from our doctors, our own trial and error (we had a blast doing this) and lets not forget, our grandmas. 

  1. Hydration – Water up + extra points for electrolytes, try coconut water for a natural source. 
  2. Give your gut some love – Bone broth or a beef pho will help repair some of the damage from the alcohol.
  3. Something Salty –  Have something with sea salt to rebalance your mineral levels. Try a teaspoon of sea salt, squeeze of lemon or lime, grated ginger and warm water.
  4. Vitamins & Minerals – Alcohol depletes a lot of your vitamins and minerals, so start off with a good healthy breakfast.

So do yourself a favor and give your body the love it deserves. 

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