Aesthetics Lab

Aesthetics Lab

Based in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, The Aesthetics Lab will be offering a unique botox and fillers experience, carried out by our experienced team. 

With common concerns about the ingredients and methodologies carried out in botox and filler services across Hong Kong, The Aesthetics Lab will be a one-stop-shop that will offer beauty services strictly carried out by experienced professionals only. 

Perfect Skin Program
Botox-treatment areas
Lip Fillers-treatment

Do you know what’s bothering you about your skin and beauty? 

Discover the true potential of your skin! Uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your skin’s ultimate beauty. Whether it’s pigmentation, scarring, acne, rosacea, dryness, or congestion, we understand that identifying and addressing these concerns can be challenging. But fear not, we’re here to guide you on your journey to flawless skin! 

Do you know that we offer a complimentary consultation? 

Our exclusive complimentary consultation with our knowledgeable and passionate team will provide professional advice tailored to your unique needs in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Our bespoke beauty experiences 

Our bespoke beauty experiences are a specially designed consultation combining expert advice and individualized treatment plans, addressing both skin rejuvenation and cosmetic injectables. 

Whether you seek a relaxing and luxurious skin rejuvenation treatment or a signature natural look with cosmetic injectables, we have you covered. Our goal is to help you feel confident, radiant, and the most authentic version of yourself. 

As ‘The Aesthetics Lab’ seeks to provide a simplified and safe beauty service for those who wish to treat crow’s feet, forehead and frown lines, or for those who are looking to get the perfect pout or fill in their under-eye circles.

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