Interview with Candice Chan, Co-Founder of LifeHealth

Check out our Co-Founder, Candice Chan’s interview with Female Entrepreneurs!

Hi Candice, can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey?

I was always passionate about health and food, so I chose to study nutrition in college, mainly rooting from the idea of seeking the answer to “how to eat and not get fat?!” In my senior year, the opportunity arose to start a business with my brother who was living in Hong Kong whilst I was in the US. We thought it would be a fun project and didn’t think too much about the money. I took a quarter off school and we started a consumer electronics business which is now the best selling baby monitor brand in the US.

A few years later, I decided to move back to Hong Kong to rediscover my passion and I received a certificate in Doctor of Natural Medicine and also studied teaching yoga. I learnt that health is so much more than just cutting calories and working out. I first started my holistic health clinic with the Locofama restaurant group. Soon after, I was approached by a fitness company to build a chain of wellness centres. However, after realising the vision and ethical values I had were not inline with my partner company, I started LifeHealth Group and LifeHub. I am working with fellow co-founders who I admire very much. We launched last year in June and I am doing what I truly desired to do- getting people healthy and happy!

What inspired you to start your company?

My cofounders and I feel that the majority of the modern healthcare system is broken. It is designed to treat you when you are sick. We feel that needs to change. Healthcare should be about keeping you at your optimum health through a number of important ways including better sleep, fewer toxins and managing stress. We want you to have more energy and a sharper focus. At LifeHub, that’s our goal.

By combining the latest advancements in prevention, wellness, fitness & nutrition with individualized coaching and advanced technology, we are creating a new personalized consumer health experience. LifeHubs are designed to meet your personal health needs, in a way you can understand and afford. Our team of Doctors, Practitioners and Coaches design services, products and programs to help you feel better now and achieve your own optimal health.



On growing teams

Growth is what employers are always looking for but often they overlook the needs of the employees when they are also working harder as the company grows. During these times, it’s very important to build a culture that paves a clear path on how employees should behave and work. It creates a physical and emotional environment where people want to work hard and reaching for the very same goal that you are trying to reach. They work with you, not just for you. Hire people who share the same value as you do, with a want to do and can-do attitude. Also, setting the correct expectations for employees so everyone is clear is very important to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

On running a business

When I first started LifeHealth, I was overwhelmed with everything that I wanted to achieve. I was working day and night and was getting burnt out. My CEO, who is also a professor in Economics, said one thing to me: work smarter, not just harder. In the beginning, I was quite discouraged that he wasn’t impressed with my long hours of work. However, that phrase really woke me up. I was doing things that don’t matter and they are deviating me from doing things that matter. I had to set my vision and goals very clear and identify the things that do matter. Some are must-haves, but some are just good to have. Getting the right things done with limited time given is crucial for efficiency. After realizing that, I was feeling much more relieved, and had time to achieve a balance between my personal life and work life.

On the top three things someone should consider before starting their own business

  1. Identify your purpose and how you will balance that with a monetary gain

  2. All businesses sound like they would be profitable however, in reality getting to the profitability stage is hard work. Set realistic expectations

  3. Find partners that you see yourself spending your next 10 years every day with without wanting to pull out their hair. Because it would feel like 10 years after just 2 years.

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