IV Drips

IV drips can you help fight fatigue, boost your energy through the roof, increase immunity, lower stress and even slow down the aging process. It is widely used in USA, Europe, Australia, Korea and many more developed countries, and has been done by celebrities such as, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Rihanna and countless professional athletes.

This treatment is an effective method to provide nutrients and vitamins to the body by delivering it directly to your bloodstream. Oral supplements are great for daily maintenance but are not as effective when your body is under stressful situations because the body needs to do a lot of work to breakdown the nutrients and get them into your bloodstream. For example, high doses of vitamin C taken orally will typically make a patient sick. However, High dose IV vitamin C, however, is easily absorbed by the body with little or no side effects.


In addition, your body’s capability to transport these vitamins can greatly be affected by your lifestyle and health status. Countless medications, conditions, and even alcohol consumption can reduce your stomach’s ability to transport nutrients, which means you don’t absorb everything. In the contrary, IV drips usually deliver 100% absorption into the bloodstream.

The benefits of different IV drips are enormous;

  • increased energy
  • improved skin quality
  • reduction in headaches
  • relieves allergies, colds and flus
  • reduced symptoms of stress
  • improved athletic performance

to name just a few…

LIfehub’s IV drips are medical grade products administrated by registered nurses and supervised by physician.

*You can combine our IV drips with our other therapies, such as, bioresonance therapy, oxygen therapy and brain photobiomodulation therapy to enhance your body and cognitive functions in just 30-40minutes. You’ll walk out feeling energized, focused and revitalized.

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