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LifeHub was born from the desire to improve the way we experience healthcare. Founded by a seasoned group of like-minded healthcare professionals, we felt that we could do a lot better in helping people get healthy. We saw that the modern healthcare system is designed to treat you when you are sick and often by treating the symptoms but not the underlying causes.

Although modern medicine has made great advancements, we have all noted the increased incidence of lifestyle diseases and “sub-optimal health” issues.

Many of our friends and family members were not necessarily  ”sick”, but they were certainly not completely healthy: they were feeling tired, stressed, toxic, run down or burnt out. We felt this needed to be addressed in a simple, affordable & consumer focused manner.


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We see LifeHub as helping you in that stage between self-diagnosis and a doctor’s clinic. Our team of Doctors, Practitioners and Coaches provide services, products and programs that address common lifestyle conditions. In a LifeHub you can buy pharmaceutical grade supplements, have a nutritional IV, consult a coach or order some lab tests without needing to use too much time or money to consult with a Doctor or wait at a hospital.

We are trying to make looking after your health a little bit easier.


Our founding team are a seasoned group of healthcare professionals with many decades of experience across the USA, Australia, China and Hong Kong. LifeHub is a subsidiary of LifeHealth Ltd, a leader in Integrative and Anti-aging medicine for over 10 years in Hong Kong. We have combined our experiences to try to create a better way to experience healthcare, a way where the consumer is empowered to take charge of their own health at convenient wellness centers that provide the necessary knowledge, tools and support.

Read the incredible story of our founder’s uncle, Dr Victor Seah, dubbed the poorest good doctor.


We take these three approaches and combine them together to work in an Integrative manner. We believe effective diagnosis and evidence-based treatments already exist, it is that just until LifeHub there was no convenient location for people to learn about them and purchase them easily.

We also approach our care by looking at our clients holistically, by addressing:

Physiological Imbalances

Nutritional Deficiencies

Mental Health

Physical Fitness

We have brought together leaders in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and Natural Medicine to integrate their knowledge to create products and services that try to understand the underlying causes of the problems you may be facing.


Dr Jonathan Seah
Executive Chairman, LifeHealth

Jonathan has over 25 years of experience in clinical medicine, healthcare operations, and investment banking, in China, the US, and Southeast Asia. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Medical Degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

In 2003 Jonathan was the founding CEO of ParkwayHealth China, where he built the organization from the ground-up, through the development of new facilities and through acquisitions. He has also run other publicly listed and private organizations in the region.

Before returning to Asia, Jonathan was a corporate finance investment banker with Merrill Lynch in the US. Before business school, Jonathan was a medical doctor in Singapore, at the National University Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and at the Raffles Medical Group.

Dr. Sidney Tam PhD.
CEO, LifeHealth

Sidney has over 35 years experience in Health care, Diagnostics & IT throughout Hong Kong, China and the USA. Sidney has a Masters of Science from the University of Hawaii and a Master’s of Science in Engineering from Warwick University, London.

Sidney was the CEO of the Hong Kong International Regenerative Center and the Group CEO of HCMC, parent company of WA HealthCare in China. WA healthcare was acquired by NASDAQ listed Kang Health Care Group. Sidney previously led Wubei RaySolution Medical Imaging Technology Limited, to develop the world’s first digital PET/CT, and he also founded one of the first private dental clinics in Beijing in 2002. He has been a senior executive or a consultant of several organizations, including HCMC (Group President), HosunTech Inc., Golden Bridge Management Consultants, Top Grade Healthcare, and Green Capital. Sidney is also an Adjunct Lecturer of HKU SPACE business and ICB program.

Candice Chan
Managing Director, LifeHub and VP Sales & Marketing, LifeHealth

Candice has been working in the wellness space for over 10 years in Hong Kong and the USA. Candice has a Bachelor of nutrition science from the University of California Davis and a Certification in Doctor of Natural medicine from the CANADIAN BOARD OF HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS & INTERNATIONAL NATUROPATHIC COLLEGE. Candice is also a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and bioresonance therapist.

Candice previously founded YouniBody a chain of 7 functional medicine-based wellness centers across Hong Kong, and was a founder of Genexus, a leading consumer healthcare company in the USA.

Shannon Neilsen
VP Business Development, LifeHealth

Shannon has worked in the private healthcare industry for over 20 years across Australia, China and South East Asia. He holds both a Masters of Health Care Management from UNSW Australia and a Bachelor of Nursing from UTS Australia.

In 2005 he helped set up and run Parkwayhealth in China and was GM of their flagship site in Shanghai as well as led the integration of all clinical programs across Shanghai. In 2009 he led Operations for WA Health Care in China, an Integrative healthcare group acquired by IKANG in 2015, and was involved in the set-up of NASDAQ listed biotech company Cell Biomedicine Group. Before healthcare management, Shannon worked as a Registered Nurse across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in Australia.

Darice Kam
Operations Manager

Darice is a clinical Nutritionist from University of California, Davis and a holds a Masters Degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and a Certificate in Chinese Medicine for Women’s Health at CUHK. Darice has practiced nutritional counseling for over 10 years, and has successfully helped and advised individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals, through Nutrition, Fitness & Functional medicine.

Dr Ken Chu
Naturopathic Doctor and Head Of Nutrition

Dr Ken is a naturopathic doctor from University of Alberta, Canada and a board member of the Integrated Association of Naturopaths Hong Kong. Ken brings over 10 years of natural medicine experience and over 20 years of health product knowledge in Canada and Hong Kong. Ken has experience with managing high-level athletes, including some of Canada’s best Olympians and amateur MMA athletes. Ken employs a holistic approach, using a mix of clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and herbal medicine to address the root cause of a patient’s concern.

Shan Shan
Health Coach

Shan Shan is a certified nutritionist, with a Masters in Nutrition from Kings College London and a Bachelor in Biomedical Science from University College London. Shan Shan has previously worked as a personal trainer, written for LIV Magazine (Hong Kong’s first wellness magazine) and consulted for charity organizations like The Food Chain.

Anna Tee
Health Coach

Anna is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from University of Wellington New Zealand. Prior to health coaching, Anna worked with HSBC in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Anna has consulted for corporates, clinics and the Love 21 Foundation in Hong Kong.

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