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“So many Functional Medicine practitioners like myself have gone through their own healing crisis.⁣ For me, it was a total brain and body breakdown 30 years ago due to mercury poisoning from when I lived in China. For my good friend and fellow Functional Medicine doctor Elizabeth Boham, it was triple-negative breast cancer diagnosed at the young age of 30, despite already embracing many principles of a healthy life. ⁣ Going through these experiences has led us to want to help others heal on the deepest level, which is what brought us both to the power using Functional Medicine and food and lifestyle choices to truly heal. ⁣

On The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Boham joins Dr Mark Hyman to discuss what it means to get to the root cause of disease and how the principles we practice do exactly that like IV Nutrition and why high dosage supplementation can be incredibly helpful⁣” 

Explore A Wide Range Of Wellness and Specialty Nutrient IV Drips

Wellness IV 

This multi-nutrient premium drip makes you feel better than ever! To give you a boost of energy, glowing skin, higher stamina, and superior focus. This drip detoxifies your liver from every day toxins and fuels you up on vitamins and minerals so you’re on top of your game!

A double dose of antioxidants combined with a nutrient complex is just what your  body needs to repair oxidative damage and helps shed toxin build-up.

This heavily-charged drip contains high-dose Vitamin C and other key nutrients to support  immune barriers, prevent cell damage, and neutralize invaders.

This drip contains a super antioxidant that helps fight the signs of aging and achieve luminous, glowing and healthy-looking skin.

The antidote to muscle soreness and poor sleep. This drip provides your mind and body with essential ingredients for relaxation.

This IV drip uses amino acids to helps increase metabolism, release your fat stores to facilitate fat loss and energy production.

This drip is designed to deliver essential antioxidants, minerals and B vitamins for strong and healthy-looking hair.

The revolutionary NAD+ IV to maintain optimal health, helps anti-aging by DNA repairing, promoting cell metabolism and providing energy to body cell.

IV Drip bypasses the gut and liver, meaning it doesn’t depend on your gut’s absorption rate or the liver’s metabolism to get into the bloodstream. This means the nutrients are absorbed immediately for your body to use. Not to mention, you’re hydrating your body and boosting your electrolyte levels at the same time.

Gaile Lok

``Lately I’ve been always on the go, little stressed and having poor sleep. Since the drip I feel much more energised, my skin is glowing, hair shinier and I instantly felt a lightness. I’m not really a needle person but this was definitely worth it”

World’s Top 100 DJs - Carta aka Giorgio Carta

“I choose to do my NAD+ IV drip in LifeHub only even I always travel around the world.” Carta believes that NAD+ is vital in helping the body to deal with his hectic DJ schedule. “I can really feel the difference after having NAD+.”

Amanda Strang

As a busy celebrity, Amanda needs her nutrients to keep her energy level up while looking fabulous😎✨ Her go-to choice is SkinGlow IV drips. Not only can it boost energy, it can also strengthen immune systems 🤧

Sara Keate

Why NAD+ is everywhere at the moment and why it’s important? This isn’t about looking younger - it’s about ageing as best as we can. As we age, the cell renewal process declines - leading to a host of issues.This is all fine and normal, it’s obviously fine to age - but we can support the process to look and feel better for longer.NAD+ is the key to this!!


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