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Ever wonder how much you could get done if you weren’t so sleepy all the time? A good night’s sleep is an essential foundation for optimal health and happiness. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) outlines 4 key indices to determine good sleep quality: 1) falling asleep in 30 minutes or less, 2) being asleep for at least 85% of time spent in bed, 3) waking up no more than once per night, and 4) being awake for less than 20 minutes after falling asleep.

If you’re sleeping enough but still feel tired upon waking, sleepy after eating, reliant on coffee, or experience that dreaded 4pm slump, these are signs that your energy pathways are not running optimally. Determining why you have low energy requires a whole-body approach to understand the root cause and address the cause with lifestyle changes.

Give your body the energy it needs to uncover your full potential!

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