Wuhan Virus – Risk Reduction 5

In times of viral and bacterial infections it is good to incorporate the following herbs into your daily diet:

1. Tumeric in raw root form as as tumeric powder sold in packets. If powder is used, sprinkle in some black pepper to improve absorption. I find the powder form easier to take if I mix in unsweetened cocoa powder which will also reduce high blood pressure.

2. Ginger – Again you can buy in powder form or better still grate the raw ginger and add to your morning tea.

3. Lemon grass – one of the most powerful anti-viral plants in the vegetables kingdom. Add to your soup or grate and add to your drinks or tea

4. Lemon – if hard to come by, take lime as both have high vitamin C content. Grate the lemon skin as both the zest and white pith have great positive health benefits.

5. Garlic has organic sulfur and is a powerful anti – bacterial plus perhaps anti – viral properties too.

6. Shitake and King Oyster mushrooms – both can boost the immune systems.

7. Astragalus or Huang Qi  it has antibacterial, antioxidant, antiperspirant, HEART tonic, HEPATOPROTECTIVE, and IMMUNE protection properties. Grind and add it to  tea.

8. Liquorice – Licorice is a very well known herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In China, it is called “gancao” (meaning “sweet grass”) and has been recorded in the Shennong׳s Classic of Materia Medica around 2100 BC.

All the above, except Huang Qi and Liquorice can be found in most kitchens. If you want to splurge, you can add some more medicinal mushrooms into your diet:

1. Cultured cordyceps

2. Cultured Maitake mushroom – this mushroom is the only one I come across that is successfully used in cancer treatments on its own. So the immune protective power is good.
“Maitake King of Mushrooms” by Shari Lieberman PhD and Ken Babal CN

3. Cultured Turkey Tail or Yung Zhi

4. Chaga mushroom – very powerful antioxidant. According to holistic medical doctor Thomson Cowan MD, it has a very impressive history in Russia as a powerful anti cancer herb. Probably anti viral too. “Cosmic Heart, Human Heart ”

Apart from supplements mentioned in the last message, walk to circulate the immune system. Also stand on bare earth or stones for 15 to 20 minutes to reduce body inflammation. In China people sometimes use straw or compressed paper sandels in their qikong exercises – chi is translated into electron flow from the earth.

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