Your Quick Guide to Better Sleep

“I can catch up on sleep on the weekends…” is what some people might say. 

But, sorry… you can’t. Sleeping in on the weekends is more like jet lag for your body. You’ll probably find it harder to sleep on Sunday night and then the sleep cycle continues into the week. 

Try to regulate your circadian rhythm by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.  

Here are a few quick tips for better sleep… 

  1. Go outside during the day. This helps with your melatonin production, which is your sleep hormone.
  2. Don’t eat a few hours before bed.
  3. Get into routine at night. Dim lights, throw out your phone, drink herbal tea, and read in bed. 
  4. Cut out your phone use at LEAST an hour before sleep. If that’s too difficult, try 15 minutes without it, and work your way up. 
  5. Some scents can help you relax. We’ve all heard of lavender but try clara sage, bergamot, valerian, jasmine, and sandalwood! You can also try our oxygen therapy with aromatherapy at the hub – available now in store. 

Now you’re all set. Goodnight! 

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