Are you suffering from dehydration or dry skin ?

Sigh that your skin is dehydrated:

☹  Tightness
☹  Itchy patches of skin
☹  Flaky skin
☹  Dull looking skin

We have a good news for you this winter :

De la Core – Skin Repairing Cure

The De La Core skincare are developed in an internationally recognized laboratory in Swissland by chemist’s experts. It is very popular in Europe for years as it has a high reputation for repairing and hydrating the skin. De La Core products are formulated to combine high-tech delivery systems with muti-active ingredients including:

🌠 MTR compound( Multo-Pro Tissue Repairing)
🌠 Enzyme complex
🌠 Peptide
🌠 Vitamins and Minerals
🌠 Extract from Swizz Alps

“Skin repairing cure” is one of the famous treatments of the brand targeting for oxidated and dry skin. It nourishes the skin with muti-active ingredients which quickly hydrates and brightens the skin, it also repairs your damages skin and strengthens the protection of the skin barriers.

De la Core” skin repairing cure” treatment is especially suitable for:

  • 皮肤干燥
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dull looking skin
  • Flaky & itchy skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Preparation of skin for coming events
  • Before and after high energy beauty treatment

Treatment is comfortable without downtime and you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment.

Full set treatment includes:

限时迎新优惠 : $880 (即省:$300)

for the full set facial (original $1180)


+ $680 (SAVE $500) for every client

who visits us for any aesthetic or IV treatment by the end of December





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