5 Foods to Combat the Winter Blues

With the cooler temperatures and more time spent indoors, many people experience the so-called ‘winter blues’. The last decade of nutrition research has shown us how much our diet is linked to our mood.  Due to this interconnected relationship, feeling bad can drive us to...
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How NAD+ Works to Bio-hacking Energy

Low energy, fatigue, feeling meh, constant drowsiness, a lack of motivation, burn out, etc. is one of the top complaints of modern-day city dwellers. This leads many of us to wonder, “How much more could I achieve if I was able to tap into my...
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An Inflamed Gut is an Unhappy Body

What and how we eat is a crucial component of our wellbeing. We know that a poor diet will often result in poor health, but there’s a lot more to nutrition than what we put in our mouths. In fact, the state of our health...
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Demystifying the Metabolic System

A slow metabolism is sometimes blamed for a wide range of complaints – weight gain, fatigue, dull skin and more. But what really is “metabolism”, how is it measured, and how can we optimize it? Your body is an incredible machine that is able to...
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LIV Magazine

LifeHub 榮獲 Liv 香港最佳另類保健中心白金獎!

We are delighted to share that LifeHub has been chosen as the Platinum Winner for Best Alternative Healing Center in Hong Kong by Liv Magazine’s 2021 Wellness & LifeStyle Awards, based on more than 62,000 votes cast across 50 categories. Thank you so much for...
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The Impacts of Stress on Hormones

We always hear how stress can be detrimental for almost every health outcome, but how does it affect the internal workings of the body to have such wide-spread impacts? In this article, we dive into the systemic effects that stress has on our hormonal pathways....
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Functional Approach to Weight Loss

COVID-19 has had many impacts on our health. With gyms closed, work-from-home schedules, and high stress, many have noticed a loss of muscle mass and a gain in excess fat. Dr See Yunn Ho discusses the often overlooked causes of weight gain and her Functional...
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Deep Longevity Pairs with LifeHub & LifeClinic for a Longevity Medicine Collaboration

Deep Longevity pairs with LifeHub & LifeClinic for a Longevity Medicine Collaboration that partners trained-physicians with biological age reports for the latest in longevity support. Deep Longevity is a leading provider of biomarkers of aging and longevity. Owned by Regent Pacific Group, their mission is...
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Candice Chan

Candice’s Pregnancy Journey: Third Trimester

Third Trimester Time: week 26 - birth day! Theme: Getting through the home stretch & preparing for delivery and post-partum care The final stretch! The third and final trimester is very exciting but it can also be quite uncomfortable for some. The third trimester is...
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Candice’s Pregnancy Journey: Second Trimester

Second Trimester Time: week 13 - week 26 Theme: Increase protein intake and keep your body active Now that you're in your second trimester, you're going to start to really feel pregnant.  Body aches, swelling, dizziness, trouble sleeping - these common complaints tend to come...
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Candice’s Pregnancy Journey: First Trimester

First Trimester Time: week 1 - week 13 Theme: Balancing hormones for morning sickness After you’ve prepared your body for pregnancy, it’s time to start trying! I was lucky enough to get pregnant the first time trying, and I think that’s largely due to the...
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Candice’s Pregnancy Journey: Preconception

The aim of this series is to share my pregnancy journey with you. Having a healthy pregnancy is harder nowadays because we need to manage factors that our ancestors didn't have to worry about - the biggest concern being toxins. I spent around 6 months...
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