Adrenal and Sex Hormones Analysis


Our hormones are constantly in flux. But when city life, poor sleep, high stress and toxins affect our body, our hormone systems can become easily disrupted. This test measures our stress hormone cortisol, and our sleep hormone melatonin throughout the day. It also assesses our sex hormones for a full picture of our hormone health.

檢測約 21 天內出結果。



  • Unexplained weight gain/loss
  • Libido issues
  • 胃痛
  • 暈眩
  • 皮膚反應
  • 其他身體不適
  • Low Energy
  • Sleeplessness
  • Brain Fog
  • Inability to Maintain Muscle Mass
  • 情緒低落
  • Heavy, irregular, or painful periods.
  • Osteoporosis (weak, brittle bones)
  • Hot flashes and night sweats.

Collection Method



This test is a comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites. It also includes the daily, free cortisol pattern, organic acids, melatonin (6-OHMS), and 8-OHdG.

This test measures how well our body is handling stress by evaluating our stress, sleep and sex hormones over the day. 



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